Life really isn’t about me, but this is supposed to be, so here goes.  I like to write a variety of things, from song lyrics to plays to short stories and even some “think pieces”.  My name is Terry Walters and I pastor a church in Pana, IL.   Since I’m a minister, I write sermons, lessons, and devotions every week – even the skits to our children’s ministry.  Meanwhile, I get all these other ideas I think would make for good reading, so I gradually get them written.  Over the years I’ve written a few of what I guess you’d call treatices, three(so far) published children’s books, several murder-mystery plays, and several short stories you can read here on the blog..  I’ve begun a couple of other projects and hope this blogging thing will help me to finish them.  I will gradually post some of the things I’ve already written, either in part or as a whole, and more as I write them, and I hope you enjoy them all!

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