The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth – Finally!

I had some fun with the posts about the Crayola virus and my “mission” to the hospital to see what some mysterious “patients” were really up to.  I mixed a little truth with the nonsense to keep my family, church members, and friends informed on my health condition.  You see, I really did have a problem and had to go to the hospital.

I woke up early that Thursday – around 2:30 a.m. – and was experiencing sharp pains all around my torso.  It subsided pretty quickly and since I have lots of back pain, I dismissed it, noting though that it was a different kind of pain.  In a short while, the pain returned and went away quickly again.  When it happened a third time within about an hour and half of the first time, I also noticed that I could feel the pain start up and build, then fade away.  That was not like any muscle pain I’ve experienced before.

I checked my blood pressure and it was very high.  I checked it a couple more times over the next twenty minutes or so.  The pain didn’t return, but the BP stayed high.  I woke up my wife and told her what had been going on.  She got dressed and said we should go to the hospital.  (for those who do not know, I had a triple bypass four years ago, but had done well ever since – except for the back pains).  I stalled.  We both checked our blood pressures to test the machine and make sure it was working properly.  It apparently was, but my pressure had come down to nearly normal and the pain had not returned.  Naturally, I went back to bed and went to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later, had breakfast, and began to work on sermon material downstairs, while my wife did whatever she does upstairs.  I checked my BP and texted her that it was normal and still no pain.  Less than thirty minutes later, I felt the pain start to rise up in me again and I quickly checked the BP again.  It was spiking.  I texted her back and she hollered down for me to come up and we’d go to the hospital!  Which we did.

They ran some tests and contacted my cardiologist.  Though their tests did not reveal anything wrong and the pain had not returned, my doctor wanted me sent to the hospital in Springfield, IL where he works.  I went by ambulance a little while later and was admitted.  They began to run all kinds of tests and other than one called troponin, everything was coming back as fine.  The troponin went up, though, which apparently is not a good sign.

On Friday, I was set to take a stress test.  I had done the prep work and the first part and was about to start the treadmill or nuclear part.  They were planning on the nuclear type test.  I asked about the troponin as I had heard the nurses say it had gone up yet again and was pretty high.  They decided to do a heart catherization instead of the stress test.  It hadn’t been planned nor scheduled, so I had to wait my turn.  I had already been on a fast for the stress test and now it had to be extended.

Late Friday afternoon, I had the heart cath and it was determined that one of my bypasses had failed and I needed two stents.  The procedure went fine, but the recovery was terribly painful.  Seven plus hours of misery!  Shortly after midnight, though, I got better, ate some food, and got some sleep.  I went home Saturday and rested just fine for the next couple of days.

As I was preparing for re-entry into my ministerial duties, we were learning quickly about the onslaught of the Coronavirus!  We heard the mandate that gatherings be limited to ten people or less in an attempt to control the spread of this unknown disease, so we called off church services for the next two weeks.  Later, we extended our church-gatherings hiatus indefinitely and I personally have been “shut in” a week longer that the rest!

We have recorded sermons for YouTube and put together some online daily devotions.  We call, text, and email each other to check on all our church folks and so far all are behaving and doing well.  God is good!


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