Too Much TV?

I lost track. Is this day 15 or 627 of the quarantine? Are you bored yet? Going stir crazy? Perhaps a few encouraging words and some sage advice are in order. A little perspective from someone who’s been around awhile.

We have much for which we should be thankful. Yes, we are sheltering safe at home and cannot, for now, go about business as usual. But we are blessed to have technology to help us. Take advantage of phones and the Internet to check on people, spend time with friends and family, and be productive. A word of caution, though, about television time. With so many channels and even old TV shows, there is so much you could waste time on. Old soaps and game shows might actually have a detrimental effect on you while in isolation from the real world.

To Tell the Truth, I personally don’t watch much TV. So, I would advise that though this virus has affected our Concentration, we don’t have to let it get us down. If you need a Guiding Light in your Search for Tomorrow, don’t let it be TV!

Even just deciding what to watch can turn into a Family Feud, so be careful. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we only have One Life to Live. I am so glad that All My Children are safe and sound, but I am concerned about The Young and the Restless. They seem so easily distracted and get bored quickly. It could just be Growing Pains, but if this is you, don’t Press Your Luck. You could put us all in Jeopardy and we might end up in a General Hospital if you don’t stay sheltered. These are just The Facts of LIfe.  I urge you to stay in and help us get through this. Please Password around!

So, to keep it positive, here’s my advice. Don’t watch too much TV. In fact, Let’s Make a Deal – don’t lurk in the Dark Shadows at The Edge of Night!  You’ll be rewarded, if you step out, get up each day like it’s a brand new start.  Clean up, get dressed, and face the challenges of the day head on. Be The Bold and the Beautiful!

No matter how this all turns out – Win, Lose, or Draw – life can be something special for you. I hope this little bit of advice will be a real Bonanza for you and Happy Days are in your future!

Too Much More of TV!

Crayola Virus

More Crayola

Closed Caption Confusion


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