Too Much More of TV!

I’ve received several requests, but I’m going to offer some more advice anyway! In particular, I mean about TV being the wrong source of entertainment during this stressful time of quarantine. Naturally, I am immune to its influence. I don’t want to be Branded as a fanatic, but I just have to speak to this some more – this social distancing thing shouldn’t be that hard to get. You don’t have to Run for Your Life. You don’t even have to make a Quantum Leap to get away from others, just stay 6 feet apart. It’s the right thing to do, so Get Smart!

It’s not that difficult either. Don’t wander around out in public like an aimless Maverick. Stay inside! You can still have Good Times. Everyone in your household can help, even if you have a Full House. Just don’t invite over your Friends until this thing is over – make sure to keep your germs All in the Family. You don’t want to inadvertently infect people who might be Perfect Strangers.

If you must go out, remember the advice we got when us older folks were little – you know, about cooties and such – and “Don’t touch That Girl!” As for shopping, if you’re not going to buy those particular groceries, leave them alone. They are The Untouchables!

You can do this people! This is not Mission Impossible. In fact, The Name of the Game is common sense! Listen to the authorities – after all, Who’s the Boss? Just take it One Day at a Time. I’m sure this will all be over soon and we can have a great big Shindig! Meanwhile, just remember “Who loves ya, baby.”  And don’t watch too much TV!

Too Much TV?

Crayola Virus

More Crayola

Closed Caption Confusion


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