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More Daylight, Please!

Written just in time for Daylight Savings Time of November, 2019.

Well, it’s that time of year again – the time when we mess with the daylight hours and clocks and basically our entire way of life for a few days by adjusting our clocks. We did it last spring, too, and have for years. It started many years ago, this resetting of our clocks by an hour forward in the spring and back in the fall, in order to save daylight. And here we go again. Apparently, we have saved enough daylight for the year and are setting our clocks back an hour again.

As for me, yes, I HAVE saved enough daylight this year and am ready to go back. I still have daylight left over from what I saved last year! In fact, I got so little sleep in 2016 after my by-pass surgery that I saved all kinds of daylight! I think I’m good to go for a few years longer, so maybe I won’t even move mine up next spring! You think that would be dumb?

There are two states in America that don’t do it, as well as other places in the world. Are they worse off than the those of us who do? Have their lives been diminished by just going with the regular time all year long, each year? I don’t think so – at least I haven’t heard them complain. I haven’t seen any riots or even peaceful demonstrations pleading for the disruptive practice of messing with their clocks like everyone else does.

True story – back in the late seventies I worked for a feed mill and farm supply store in rural Arkansas. Yep, I helped grind and mix and deliver hog feed, cattle feed, horse feed, and dairy cow feed! And did it for “chicken feed”! Anyway, there was an old man working there who had worked for the mill forever. Bernard did not observe DTS. Nope. Nonsense to him and he wasn’t about to do it. He lived out in the country with his brother and a couple of cats and didn’t drive. So, he had to be picked up each morning and taken home each night. He had to stop by the grocery store every evening on the way home to get some milk, bread, and a whole chicken to bake or boil or whatever for supper and occasionally a few other things. It didn’t matter that someone had to stop work or stay longer to drive him. It wasn’t his fault we changed the times!
So, we took turns. In the springtime, he started an hour later because we had sprung forward, leaving him behind. But he would work his full shift, an hour after some of us had left for the day. After the fall “clock-messing,” we were back together again. Didn’t seem to mess HIS life up much by NOT going with DST.

True confession – one year, while living in Memphis and working as the Minister of Music and Youth at a church there, I forgot to ‘fall back’ with the rest of those who had saved all the daylight they needed.  I always went to the church a little early anyway in order to make sure all was set for the music portion of the worship – before Sunday School and before everyone else arrived.  So, it was no big deal that no one else was at the church when I arrived.  After a little while, though, it seemed odd to me that nobody else had showed up yet!  A little while longer, it was eerie!  Why wasn’t anyone else there yet?  How could it be possible that everyone else was running late?  It actually did not occur to me at first that it was the time for the clocks to be reset!  I guess, since time had been set back an hour, it took longer for things like this to “dawn on me!”  They soon all arrived and we all got a good laugh at my expense!

Anyway, this Saturday night (unless you’re a real die-hard and stay awake until 2:00 a.m. for the official time), most of us will move our clocks and watches back one hour because after all, we have saved all the daylight we can for the year. But here’s what I suggest: If you normally attend the Sunday morning Bible study before the worship service, REMEMBER to set your clock back before you go to bed Saturday, so you won’t be an hour early for the class! If you DO forget, stay there at the church and pray for awhile until the rest of us show up! If you do NOT normally attend your Bible class on Sundays, but wait for the worship hour to go, don’t change your clock until NOON Sunday! You’ll be on time for the study and of course be there for the worship hour AND already have a good parking place! Who knows? You might like it and make it a part of your regular Sunday practice! See you Sunday, one way or the other!

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