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My New Book!

Last year I had posted here for a little while a poem I wrote about the Nativity story as found in Luke 2 in the Bible.  I called it “Twas the Night Jesus Was Born”.  I had shared how it came about as a story for our children’s ministry.  However, I had to take it down shortly – because I sent it off to be published into a book!

It’s done now!  I have published for the first time!  It’s official release date is July 9, 2014, but it’s out now on the publisher’s web site and through me and a few other places I have established as points of sale.  It is a soft cover, fully illustrated children’s book and Tate Publishing of Oklahoma has done a great job for me.  They provide a link in the back of each book for a free audio download of the book and there is an ebook of it, as well.  There are plans to make coloring book and 3D versions, too.  I developed a web site for the book and announced it on facebook and so far the sales have gone very well.  I was just interviewed for the newspaper that serves my old hometown and I will be doing a book signing soon at a bookstore in the mall there!

I’m pretty excited about it for a couple of reasons.  One, though not the more important, is that if it even sells moderately well, maybe I can quit painting houses to supplement my income as a pastor of a small church and do that through the books.  Two, and this is the better reason, that the book will help keep Christ in Christmas by giving hundreds (dare I say thousands) of parents and grandparents an easy way to share what I consider the true message of Christmas with their children.

If you would like to read more about the book – and maybe even buy one or two – you can find out all about it at

Update on 6/23/18 – Tate Publishing closed its doors.  I had published a second book with them and was working on the third.  The first two are only available through  me at the moment (see the above listed website) until I find a new publisher to help me with them.  The third one has been published by Redemption Press and can be purchased in many places, but the best is still through MY website!  Unfortunately, at this time there are no ebooks of any of the three.

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