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Happy Hypocrisy!

Wow!  It has been almost forever since I last blogged!  Anybody remember me?  I have had so much to do and write that I sort of shelved the idea of blogging, but I just need to get this said for it is now the season of Happy Hypocrisy!  No, I’m no Scrooge – I enjoy Christmas.  I love Jesus and He is the reason we celebrate.  I used to love Christmas, but sadly we have commercialized it too much and over-filled the calendar with it’s activities, so, now I would have to say I enjoy it.  Love Jesus, enjoy the celebration.

The reason I am posting is simply to counter the movement against it.  Too much ado about nothing.  It’s not that Christmas and the reason for it are nothing,  It’s that the objectors to Christ in Christmas, Merry Christmas, nativity scenes, etc. say THAT isn’t real or true and want us to stop it all!  They say celebrate the holiday without Him.  Duh.  We have the holiday because it was designated as His birthday.  It’s a birthday party – His!  Like it or not, that’s why there is a Christmas.  If it’s not real, then what’s the harm?  If it is nothing, then why all the ado?  If it is real, but not your “thing”, so what?  Don’t celebrate my birthday without inviting me and don’t celebrate His without inviting Him.  Folks seem to think that is okay!  Enjoy the party, but don’t include the One for whom we have the party.  Don’t mention His name in the greeting (Merry Christmas!).  Don’t display any references or depictions of His birth, but by all means have the party!  Call off school, take off work, give gifts and celebrate, just don’t tell anyone the real reason why.  In fact, let’s completely change the reason why and tell those who want to keep it real that they offend us when they do.  So WE shouldn’t celebrate the real reason and meaning of the season, but THEY can celebrate their way.  In the name of Whatmas?

Such hypocrisy!  They are the tolerant ones?  They can say “Happy Holidays” and wish people peace and joy after stealing our holiday and kicking out the “party honoree”?  In the spirit of love and peace and celebration, they want to take OUR party away from us and cry “foul” if WE try to hold on to it!  I would be ashamed.  THEY apparently have no shame.  And it doesn’t stop at Christmas!  It is anything to do with His name and His Word!  The whole Christian belief is taboo now.  Such hypocrisy!  In the name of tolerance, they won’t tolerate Christianity! Believe the Bible to be true? Then you are made fun of in academia, practically black-balled in show business and politics, cursed and abused in the media and social media – but… “Happy Holidays, to you!  We are tolerant, progressive, evolved thinkers – you believers, sit down, shut up and go along or else!”  Such hypocrisy!  

I must add, that though sad and deplorable it may be, it is not surprising.  By and large the world hated Jesus when He was here.  It is not shocking that they still do.  What I am appalled by is the utter ignorance and hypocrisy in their actions and statements.  Does it really seem right to anyone that it’s okay to believe and practice whatever you want – as long as it’s NOT Christianity?  THEY can party for NO reason, but WE cannot for our reason.  They say “you can, just don’t force it on us.”  They can force us to quit what we’ve done for over a hundred years (Christmas celebrations) in the name of someone we’ve loved and worshiped for over a couple of thousand years (technically, since the beginning of time).  But somehow, lately it has become “forcing it on them”.  Christians can do all the same things non-Christians can do?  Not hardly!  THEY can practice non-belief publicly and speak blasphemy, and denigrate Christians and their beliefs; Christians are to keep their beliefs and practices quiet and private and never speak out against any practice of others.  If they do, they have judged someone and are bigots and haters, all the while others are free to judge and hate Christians and their beliefs!

Since when can’t we judge behavior and actions?  We want our schools to do it.  We want our justice system (police and courts) to do it.  Employers do it.  Parents ought to do it.  Even psychiatrists do it!  But don’t do it in the name of religion!  Have we become so ignorant that we don’t know the difference between judging and being judgmental?  One is discerning right and wrong behavior – the other is the attitude taken toward the person.  Obviously, the problem isn’t judging an action, behavior, or belief.  Rather it is the choice of the standard by which we judge.  And once again, we are being told what we CANNOT use as the standard – the Bible.  Well, WHO says?  Why is it better to use standards determined by politicians, Hollywood, academia, or the latest fad and enforced by threat and abuse in the name of tolerance and freedom (ha!)?  Obviously, it’s NOT a better standard, just theirs.

So, to wrap it up: do or say what you will about Christmas and, by extension, Christianity, but be honest and fair and leave the rest of us alone to celebrate as we always have.  We are not forcing you to agree or even go along.  If you don’t want CHRISTmas, then have your own holiday or none, but leave ours alone.  If you want the birthday party without “the birthday Boy”, go ahead, but let us go ahead and include Him.  If you don’t want Christmas to be what it really is, then go ahead and go to school, go to work, stay away from gift buying and giving; don’t haul out the holly, deck the halls, trim the tree, nor sing the songs.  It’s okay.  Just don’t tell us that we have to stop because of you.  We’re not telling you that you have to join us.  You are welcome to, though. 

So, try to enjoy life – while we have a Merry Christmas!

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