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Who Told You That?

     Bigfoot was spotted in the woods near Pana, IL!  March had 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays this year which is supposed to be really lucky and only happens once every 823 years!  If you stand on your head and swallow you can cure the hiccups.  President Obama knows what he’s doing…(Sorry!  I couldn’t help myself!). 

     Every week I read in the news or on Facebook or hear on television some ridiculous statement that we’re all supposed to accept as true without proof, without even question – I guess just because of who said it! 

     When my kids were growing up they often came home from playing with friends and shared some new tidbit of information, passing it along as if it were the gospel truth.  I would ask where they heard that and sometimes they could tell me who said it!  I would then ask where that person got their information and most of the time my kids didn’t know.  In other words, my children tended to believe this piece of “news” solely on the basis of who told them, without question, without proof.  I taught them to seek truth, to choose sources wisely.  I taught them – I hope they learned!

     Today, more than ever, it is important to verify before accepting information.  The explosion of television stations and the internet have flooded the information market and provided literally billions of potential sources of information – or “mis”information.  There is so much information out there and so little integrity that you cannot just accept things as they come – no matter who told you!  It may be family or your best friend, but the problem is who or what was their source.

     Nearly every piece of evidence used in the early days to establish the teaching of evolution has since been debunked and some even proven to be deliberate hoaxes, but it still gets taught as fact rather than theory.  Newsstories are forever being shown to have been at the least very slanted or taken out of context and often simply made up.  Government officials are exposed for one lie after another.  Cover-ups, conspiracies, and fraud seem to have become the norm in the world of politics, high finance, and education.

     Leaders constantly abuse their positions of authority and trust to venture into areas other than their obvious “expertises” to influence and educate, or should I say coerce and indoctrinate others to their way of thinking.  What makes a movie star or professional athlete smarter than you on matters of politics or faith?  What makes a lawyer or politician an “expert” on theology?  Why would you listen to a mere acquaintance on social media about matters of such importance as raising children or what to believe in or value most?

     Do you go to a mechanic when your chest is hurting or your vision is blurred?  Would you have your car’s engine checked by a plumber or would you seek financial advice from your baby-sitter?  Then why would you ever accept as golden the counsel or opinion of a talk show host or a president on spiritual or moral matters?

     Apparently, common sense is not so common anymore.  We accept as true, without proof, almost anything!  It’s no wonder our society is in the shape it’s in!  Before you shape your worldview, determine your belief system or what to value, decide how to live your life – or even pass on that email or Facebook post – ask yourself if you know it to be true.  Ask your source, “Who told you that?”  Don’t just drink the Kool-aid and go along!  Don’t just get in any ol’ line just because it’s moving – you may wind up somehwere you didn’t want to go!

     You can follow along blindly if you want to, but I prefer the truth.  Be gullible if you like, but don’t get upset when you pass along information to me and I ask, “Who told you that?”

(By the way – I wrote this the other day, but just got around to typing it up and even since then the news broke out about a cheating scandal in a school system in the Atlanta area and the spurious use of old questionable statistics by gun control proponents, including our President!). ‘Nuff said?

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