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When is Too Busy Actually Too Busy?

I can’t believe I haven’t written anything here for two months!  What have you done for something good to read?!  I have written since, just not on this blog or on my “writing projects”.  I always have sermons, studies and scripts for our children’s ministry.  And I must admit that I really do have time I could use to write – mostly late at night – but I choose to watch mind-numbing TV instead.  You see, writing stimulates my brain while television numbs it, but late at night I need numbed not stimualted!  So I watch TV until I fall asleep.  Meanwhile, the masses are deprived of good, free reading – what can I do!!

All joking aside, I have been a busy boy.  I am amazed at the variety of ways to minister that God puts in my path.  Lest you think pastoring a small church is mostly about preparing and teaching/preaching lessons and sermons, here is what busied me last week: I prepared and led contemporary music worship and preached the sermon on Sunday morning, helped set up for a kids’ carnival after church, led in singing traditional hymns and a devotion at a nursing home in the afternoon, returned to church to continue setting up for the carnival, went home to get into my Waldo the Clown garb, returned to the church for the carnival and helped clean up afterwards (that was just Sunday!); besides prep for the next week’s sermon and music I worked on bible studies and children’s ministry skits and props; later there was a meeting in one direction to plan a ministers and wives retreat for our association, in another direction was a hospital visit with a family whose teenage son was in surgery and in serious condition after an accident, and then in yet another direction, there was a visit with a family who had just lost their 43 yr. old husband/father in a car wreck the night before; I helped set up and run (as Waldo again) our Trunk or Treat night for the community and finished resetting our church from the carnival for Sunday a.m.; I met with a young couple planning to marry soon and there was another hospital visit with an elderly lady and a birthday party for a 3 year old from church; then the funeral visitation and sermon, besides the numerous phone calls for prayers, advice, pleas for help, etc. that always accompany the ministry and preparation for the bulletins, music slides and books, and sermon notes for next week. There is always, of course family and personal time as well.

I am not complaining, just pointing out the variety there.  From physical work to spiritual labor, ministering to all ages from fun and games to serious gospel sharing to life and death praying and guiding and just hugging in time of need.  I am reminded that the Apostle Paul said he became all things to all people in order to win some of them.  I don’t dare compare myself to the likes of Paul, but I do see the need to “wear a wide variety of hats” in ministering to a wide variety of people.  If the old saying is true, that variety is the spice of life, then my life this past week was really spicy!  I just hope and pray that I was able to do it all justice, for after all, it was the ministry to those people that was important.  I can see where one could easily get too busy with many things to do anything well, and that would not be good.  Will this week be less spicy?  We’ll see…

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