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Too Busy!

It has been quite a while since I last blogged and it’s because I’ve been so busy…too busy, I think.  My wife and I just returned from a mission trip to the mountains of Peru, just in time to spend 2 days helping finish the church’s first ever Labor Day Parade float, then of course we had the parade – I do Waldo the Clown, too.  Since we were gone a while, there is a slight water problem to deal with, a yard to mow and various other pieces of business to take care of.   I have a funeral to help with and my daughter needs help moving this week; We’re taking the float apart today; we need to meet with the missons committee in a day or two to debrief from this trip and plan another; there is our association’s annual meeting this weekend, a pastor’s fellowship at which I have the program and an out-of-town conference next week, and we need to get ready this week for the restart of our children’s Sunday night ministry this weekend!  Somewhere in there is normal routine work and ministry – like sermon and bible study and music prep, visiting those who need it – nursing home, hospital, etc. – and a little family time (?).  I also need a haircut, but then maybe not, since I may be pulling it out before the week is over!  (I know…that won’t take long!).

Someone said it’s a good thing I don’t chew tobacco, because I don’t have time to spit!  Now, I’m not complaining, just enumerating so you’ll understand that I have been too busy to write lately.  I kept that time for posting about the trip.  While I was cleaning up the slight water problem at the house that we returned home to, my 5 year old granddaughter said to me, “It’s just a part of life, Granddad!”  You know the old saying about “out of the mouth of babes…”  I guess that’s her version of the bible’s “Don’t be anxious about anything…”?

One thing I do know, I had better not become too busy to spend time with the Lord.  That is the most important thing of all and provides all that is needed to handle all the other things well.  If you’re with me and feeling too busy, remember the best “busyness” is the Lord’s business!

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