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Pass It On!

It’s been a little while since my last post, but I have been thinking during that time!  Back in my teenage years (late 60s, early 70s!), there was a gospel song called “Pass It On”.  More than sharing the message, it encouraged sharing God’s love.  Good advice for all time.  This past week, my wife and I got a special treat of that kind.  We were invited to enjoy, free of charge, a few days in the Ozarks, just south of Branson, MO, in a luxurious home overlooking Table Rock Lake.  Several ministry couples were enabled and encouraged to spend time alone with God, their spouses, and the other couples.  The atmosphere was awesome. the view fantastic, the fellowship sweet and the time away from the stresses of home and ministry … priceless!

Three great meals a day, exquisite accommodations and no real agenda or schedule to keep.  It doesn’t get much better, especially since it was free!  “How?”, you may wonder.  It was because the owners of the home and others like them donate their home and money to support a ministry for ministers.  God has blessed them and they want to “pass it on” to others.  They blessed us for the week and hope and pray that, having been refreshed, we will be able to bless others in our various ministries.   Hopefully, we, too, will pass it on.

I wonder what you might have that could be passed on to someone in need – whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Money, other resources, time?  Jesus said to store up for yourselves treasure in heaven, not on earth.  He didn’t say we shouldn’t have any earthly treasures, just that we should see them as blessings to pass on!

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No Fast Food Faith!

On Wednesday nights at church, we have a bible study and prayer time.  As people gather we share what’s up with each other and have a little fellowship.  One of our ladies works at McDonald’s and was telling us about the new computer system and how it is so confusing at first and she hopes people will be patient as they learn to navigate the various screens to fill their orders – going through one screen for the main order to another to add something, to another to take something off, etc.,  so everybody can get exactly what they want.  I remember years ago Burger King’s ad to “have it your way” and “special orders don’t upset us…”.

Then we took prayer requests and naturally, rain came up as a big concern.   We have been in a long dry spell and here in central Illinois that has all but ruined the corn crop.  Our yards are dead and the trees will soon be too if we don’t get some relief.  However, as we mentioned the concerns, we noted that we have a back to school bash in the park Saturday to help kids with school supplies and it would be better if it didn’t rain then.  Someone else mentioned another preference and then another.  I remarked that our prayer requests had just begun to sound like an order at McD’s or BK, what with all the special orders concerning rain!  We need rain, Lord, but not on Saturday until after 1:00; not Sunday during church or Friday evening when …; oh, and hold the lightning ’cause that scares the kids, and thunder wakes the baby, so skip that, too; if it could be a steady all day shower, that would be great, rather than a gully-washing downpour!

Well, we laughed, but did a reality check and realized that despite our personal preferences and desires, we really just need to ask God for rain and trust that He knows all about it and as always, will do what is best!  It’s the same with all aspects of our faith, not just prayer – it’s not about quick answers, convenience, getting our own way, and low costs.  There is no “fast-foodness” when it comes to real faith!  God’s way is best and for us to get it right, it will take time, sometimes it will be inconvenient and uncomfortable, and sacrifices will need to be made.  Truth is, we’re better off not to have it our way, so shall we pray, as Jesus did in the garden, “Not my will, but Thine.”

Oh, by the way, we got a very nice rain Thursday afternoon!

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How Sad!

“Infiltrate”, “take over”, “bully”, “put pressure on”.  What? Have I stumbled upon a communique between terrorist cells?  Is this part of the manifesto of some extremist militant group or some group planning the takeover of a third world country?

None of the above.  These words, interspersed with some foul language and name calling were taken from the comments of reporters and columnists of the Washington Post, MSNBC, and the Daily Show!  This was their response to thousands and thousands of conservative Americans supporting free speech and freedom of religion by supporting the much maligned Chick-fil-A company for the CEO’s personal beliefs!  This is how they’ve encouraged the homosexual segment of the populace to behave!  And they call themselves the enlightened, tolerant ones?  Well, I’m not surprised and all I’ll say… (for now, because, you know – this is not my final word!)… is, “How sad!”

I take it back.  Gotta say a little more …such pathetic excuses for anything worthy of national media and how anti-American!

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